Salary Overview: PR & Communications in Australia

I recently did some research on MyCareer – an Australian job search service – about starting salaries of PR and communication professionals in Australia, and I came across some pretty interesting figures. Turns out the average salary of a professional working in PR and communications in Australia is roughly $80,000, with corporate affairs & issues management topping the list at $96,346. For Sydney in particular, the top paid sector in PR is with internal communications ($104,989). On the other hand, it seems like a job in consumer PR & publicity pays the lowest, with an average salary at $77,126.

Overall, the average Australian salary across all sectors is $94,320. Not surprisingly, the mining industry is the highest-paid industry with an average salary of $146,249 with fields like engineering, construction and telecommunications following close behind. A career in PR ranked 16th in average salaries across Australia; positioning it higher than fields like insurance, logistics and hospitality but below fields like real estate, accounting and marketing.

Here’s a graph of average salaries for PR and communications:

(the yellow line = average, the grey line = average minimum and the orange = average maximum)

In comparison to marketing:

And in comparison to advertising:

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