PR Student Blogs: Good Idea or Not?

Does blogging help PR students with their job hunt?

A couple of weeks ago I posted up my blog post “Getting Started With Your PR Job Hunt” onto a LinkedIn group (#PRintern | #EntryPR) discussion board

It was a rough guide to starting a job hunt for PR students and involved steps such as:

  1. Start up your own blog
  2. Subscribe to other blogs
  3. Participate in conversations
  4. Internships

It turned out to be one of my most popular posts yet and there was a lot of discussion, particularly around the first step – starting a blog.

For some people, they didn’t think blogging was necessary for PR students and maintained that Twitter can get the job done, while others preferred having just a website where you can highlight your portfolio, professional accomplishments, without having the hassle of constantly updating it.

Upon reading the comments I found that there were a lot of great points raised such as the importance of Twitter conversations and blogging topics for PR students, but let me tell you why I’m so keen on PR student blogs.

For me personally, blogging has been the most beneficial step to my career so far.

It’s taught me:

  • how to strategically promote my blog posts through social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and StumbleUpon.
  • how to analyse search engine terms, referrers, subscriptions and website traffic.
  • how to manage my time because between managing a blog properly in between work and uni studies can be kind of hectic
  • how to adapt my writing to the online environment by using less words, smaller paragraphs and maintaining a conversational writing voice

But most importantly, blogging has put in touch with PR professionals like Roger Christie, Head of Digital at Sefiani Communications, who after a Q&A, arranged for an information interview to discuss my studies, career goals and internships.

So while blogging may not necessarily be essential for a PR student, I would definitely recommend it!