A Day in the Life of Mohnish Prasad, Business Development Manager at Jump On It

While the series so far has focused mainly on PR professionals, I thought it would be cool to branch out to other similar industries.

Mohnish is currently the Business Development Manager at Jump On It –  one of the largest group buying organisations in Australia – with a role that’s focused on using social media to connect businesses with new markets.

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Salary Overview: PR & Communications in Australia

I recently did some research on MyCareer – an Australian job search service – about starting salaries of PR and communication professionals in Australia, and I came across some pretty interesting figures.

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8 Career Paths from PR & Marketing Professionals

A few weeks back I reached out to a few dozen PR / marketing / communication professionals; asking them about their first step into the industry, their career paths and what type of advice they’d give to aspiring students or people wanting to make a transition.

Fortunately, my emails weren’t totally ignored – quite the contrary actually – and I received overwhelming responses from the professionals in UK, United States and of course, Australia.

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