Interview with Johnny La, Technical Analyst at Fairfax Media

This week I thought I’d branch out beyond the marketing and PR sector and interview my mate Johnny La who works as a Technical Support Analyst at Fairfax Media.

At first the heavy technical language on his LinkedIn profile had me scratching my head for a while and I ended up sending a few emails over asking him to clarify what it is he actually does Fairfax.

But as you’ll see, we got there in the end. Read on to find out about Johnny’s career path, his highlight role to date and his observations on trends in the IT industry.

1. I was taking a look at your LinkedIn profile and noticed that you’ve worked in quite a range of industries – Department of Defence, Marsh & McLennan, Tabcorp – can you tell us a little about your career path to date?

This is actually quite a funny one, as I actually planned to get into more of a technical role. As part of my IT degree, I completed a networking sub-major, but never embraced that side of IT. IT tends to be like that, you usually end up somewhere different compared to what you have planned.

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Interview with Edward M. Bury, Strategic PR & Integrated Marketing Communications Consultant.

This week for my Interview Series, we have Edward M. Bury, a strategic public relations and integrated marketing communications consultant based in Chicago. With extensive experience in the marketing, PR and journalism sector, Edward had a lot to share, especially about his career path, his stint as a journalist and why blogging is important for business.

1. You’ve been in the marketing and communications industry for over 30 years – can you tell us a little about your career path?

Upon graduation at Illinois State University with a degree in English, my goal was to land a position in journalism. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Fortunately, I received a referral from my Scoutmaster to an advertising executive at the Chicago Tribune. He referred me to an editor at the City News Bureau.  I secured an interview and was offered a job starting at $100 per week. This was January of 1977.  I was thrilled.

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