Interview with Catriona Pollard, Director of CP Communications

This week for my Interview Series, we have Catriona Pollard, Founder / Director of CP Communications, talking about the different sectors of PR, starting up a company and teaching writing skills.

Q1. Before CP Communications, you worked in PR agencies, set up a marketing communications department for a software company and managed marketing and public affairs for federal and state government. Can you tell us a little about these 3 areas? What did you like / dislike about them?

In house roles in corporate and government are very different. The start in Government gave me a great foundation to my career but now I realise I have much more of an entrepreneurial bent (which I wish I realised much earlier on in my career).

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Interview with Caroline La Rose, Consultant at Max Australia

This week for my Interview Series, we have Caroline La Rose talking about her role at Max Australia, the gap between public relations in university and the real world, the importance of social media and improving her PR skills.

1. First off, tell us a little about your career path. What made you choose public relations as a profession?

As an undergraduate uni student, I did my bachelor’s degree in communication science which is very broad and touches upon a little bit of everything – public relations, advertising, marketing, mass communications, journalism, etc.

During my undergraduate course back in Mauritius, I did a few PR internships for not-for-profit organisations as part of my program. And as a result of some fulfilling hands on experience and all the high grades in my PR subjects, I decided to pursue my uni studies and do a Master’s degree in Communication Management majoring in PR at UTS.

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