Interview with Laura Skelley, Group Managing Director of Max Australia

For the latest addition to my Interview Series, we have Laura Skelley, Group Managing Director of Max Australia, discussing her career path, the differences between corporate, government and agency work, keeping up-to-date in the PR industry and much more.

1. So you’ve been in the PR industry for over 13 years now, can you tell us a little about your career path.

I began my career on the other side of the fence.  I initially interned at a radio station and a local TV station in the US during my undergraduate degree and then did a six month internship at CNN in Washington DC just before I finished uni during Bill Clinton’s first election for the presidency.

I was hooked!

Once I graduated I went to work for CNN in DC for several years, before moving to CBS in New York. After three years in New York producing for their affiliate service I decided to make the switch to PR in order to fulfil my desire to work in a more creative environment.

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