A Day in the Life of Corrie McLeod, Managing Director at Espresso Communications

As the Managing Director of Espresso Communications, Corrie has transformed the organisation from a freelance gig into a successful communications company.

She’s worked with clients like the Motorcycle Council of NSW and Interactive Games, and has been been a finalist for the Best Media Relations Award by the IT Journalism community, three years running (2008, 2009, 2010).

Let’s see what typical day for Corrie looks like:


5.30am – Stumble out of bed and tumble to the kitchen pour myself a cup of ambition.  Nobody says it better than Dolly really…

5.45am – Hit the computer and clear emails that have arrived overnight, predominantly from Europe and North America.

7am – Babysitter arrives and I hit the road with the puppy  so both of us can get some fresh air and exercise.

8am – Back for breakfast and hang out with Mr 7 who is now awake and devouring a bowl of cereal before heading to the office.

9am – Arrive at the office and spend the next hour and a half working on client activities and chatting with the team to get an update on what they are working on.

10.30am – Head to CeBit with one of our senior team members to meet with three of our clients and have a look at what’s on show. Run into lots of folks and have a good laugh with our clients who after three days at the show have the end in sight.

12.20pm – Make a quick call to a client whilst walking to another meeting.

12.30 pm –  Meet over lunch with Espresso’s Consumer Lead who is working with me on planning our staff offsite in late July. It’s a surprise for the team so I can’t go into details but we meet with an exciting and inspiring person to discuss how they will facilitate a morning training session for us.

2pm – Race back to the office for a meeting with our bookkeeper and accountant in readiness for EOFY. Rather a change of pace from the lunch meeting!

3pm – Time to pick up Mr 7 from school.

3.30pm – Mr 7 and I head back to the office where he reads us all a brilliant pirate story he wrote (to much applause from the team). Mr 7 watches a video in the boardroom, while I crack on with emails and draft a short document.

5pm – Head home for the day, spend an hour giving the puppy a run and practicing some skipping with Mr 7 who is entering Jump Rope for Heart. He’s great little skipper and I’m quickly out of breath!

6pm – Dinner and parental duties on a quiet night at home. After the small person has gone to bed, I check emails, potter around on Facebook and watch some TV.

9.30pm – Crash!

***To contact Corrie, visit Espresso Communications or get in touch via Twitter @Espressocomms***


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