A Day in the Life of Mohnish Prasad, Business Development Manager at Jump On It

While the series so far has focused mainly on PR professionals, I thought it would be cool to branch out to other similar industries.

Mohnish is currently the Business Development Manager at Jump On It –  one of the largest group buying organisations in Australia – with a role that’s focused on using social media to connect businesses with new markets.

But besides working for a company that boasts an awesome name, Mohnish is also a budding rock star, self-declared table tennis champion and recovering poker addict. How does he juggle all of this? Well, seems like playing on the PS3 after work is the answer!


6.30am – Wake up from hibernation to shower and get ready for work

7.00am  – leave home and drive to the station

7.30am – On a train heading into the city. I like  the train because it give me time to check and respond to emails, get latest industry news, update Facebook while ignoring numerous friend requests from randoms, check twitter feed. I like to listen to some tunes on my iPod while all this is in progress .

8.20am – Arrive at office for a new day of work, check emails at office and respond to any urgent ones.

8.30am – Team meeting to go through previous days sales results and month to date results and forecasts.

9.00am – New business lead generating and lead washing to ensure client is not being contacted by multiple people. Cold calling

10.30am – Quick break go for a quick walk to the harbour.

10.45am – Back in office to continue cold calling and lead generating

12.30 pm – Lunch I like to go out and eat lunch by the harbour but if its really busy I just eat at my desk or in the office kitchen

1.30 pm – Back in the office. Cold calls are done for the day, follow-up appointments set, contracts sent out and majority of new client pitching done. Send out emails to these clients

2.00pm– Follow up and reconnect with warm leads and with clients who I already manage. I like to keep the line of communication open so my existing clients can bounce marketing and sales ideas off of me and I can provide them with any feedback.

3.30pm – Quick break another walk around the harbour while snacking on something yummy or tuna..which is not in the yummy category but is still considered food.

3.45pm – Chase up any outstanding contracts

4.30pm – Respond to emails and start planning and reviewing campaigns that are yet to go live.

5.30pm – Pack up and head to the train station to continue working on leads and planning for the next day on the way home.

6.45pm – Arrive at gym and start work out.

8.00pm – Leave gym and head home for some dinner and relaxation.

9pm – Shower,  eat, watch some Foxtel, DVD with my sister or play some PS3 to unwind.

11pm – In bed, ready to sleep

***To contact Mohnish, get in touch via mohnish.prasad@jumponit.com or through his LinkedIn***


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